What do we get to lose if we don’t protect biodiversity in our ecosystem?

If we are not concerned with our ecosystem and its biodiversity, we will suffer from the loss of biodiversity. When we suffer from the loss of biodiversity, we are facing issues on our own survival.

The direct effect of the loss of biodiversity to humans

The effect of the loss of biodiversity  leads to problems in the ecosystem where we source out our food and therefore the immediate concern is for food security. This is the direct impact that we have to suffer if we do not contribute to the conservation of our ecosystem. World food production will not be possible without the biodiversity in the ecosystem to maintain the productivity of soil and to provide the genetic resources for the crops, livestock and even marine species we utilize for food. The intake of the variety of food from diverse sources is fundamental for the body to function. The destruction of the watershed and deforestation leads to the decreased quality of the potable water.

Loss of biodiversity effects

The indirect  effect of the loss of biodiversity to humans

Indirect effect involves changes in ecosystem services that affects   livelihoods, income, and local migration. When the ecosystem in the oceans has destroyed the loss of income will be experienced by those who depend on these resources. It will no longer matter if the destruction was caused by the destruction of the fishing grounds by human activity or by pollution since the loss of income and livelihood will be staggering.

Unpredictable weather can also be attributed to the loss of biodiversity and the pressures on the ecosystem.     This will lead to extreme weather consisting and changes. This, in turn, many cause disasters like drought, flood, and tsunami.  This will then be devastating a large number of the population.

Destruction of the coastal ecosystem like the coral reefs and the mangroves which will then make us vulnerable to the extreme weather systems. Coral reefs and mangroves provide effective protection against flood and storms. The loss of these natural resources will make the communities vulnerable to the natural disaster. The forest and forest covers provide shelter and home to hundreds of plants and animals. Destruction of the forest will also mean the destruction of these living things.

The impact on health will also be immense like in the aspect of pharmacology where the majority of our drugs are derived from the microorganisms and plants. Destroy the ecosystem and we will no longer have raw materials to develop drugs to combat diseases and other conditions.

There is also a concern on the spread of the diseases. When animals lose their habitat liken deforestation, they will probably occupy spaces commonly habited by humans and this can increase the spread of diseases through contact.