Interested for Friendship: 4 Simple Ways to Find Out

“No Man is an Island.”. This saying may be said like a broken record but this is just pure truthfulness. We will always need someone to talk to and be with. Especially in new places and situations, we tend to socialize to feel belonged. Like in a back to school situation, we will meet new people even if we are an old student or a newcomer. We would want to make new friends. However, there is also the case that the person you want to be friends with is not interested to be your friend. Of course, these people will never directly say to you that they don’t want to be friends with you and you may not notice. Luckily, here are 4 simple ways to know if someone wants to be your friend.

Your Name is…

If you meet someone, introduce yourself by saying your name. If the person said your name too as if to confirm if he/she heard you right, then he/she is interested to know you. People tend to forget names immediately after a moment they heard the name. So if he/she wants to remember you, he/she will say your name again. And also, if he/she repeated your name multiple times, it means he/she wants to remember you. And of course, he/she will also say his/her name to you.

Back To School

And You are…

After saying your name, if he/she asked questions about you like “Are you from around here?” or “What class are you in?”, this is another friendship-interested indicator. It simply means he/she wants to know more about you aside from your name. If he/she did the other way around and after introducing your name, he /she just said “Please to meet you. I got to go now. See you around. Bye!” while slowly backing away from you, he/she is not friend material.

And More and More

There will be a moment that your conversation will fall off. But if he/she continued to talk trying to keep up the conversation, then he/she is starting to get comfortable around you. And of course, he/she is willing to be your friend. On the other hand, if he/she instead said “I gotta go now. Please to meet you. See you around. Bye!” while slowly moving away from you, then you know he/she is not someone you can be friends with.

And Your Number is…

This is a very foolproof trick if you want to know if the person genuinely wants to be your friend. Before parting, ask for his/her phone number. If he/she gave his/her phone number to you, recite the number to him/her again but recite it incorrectly. If he/she corrected you, the phone number he/she gave you is real and he/she wants to be your friend. But if he/she didn’t, then you already know what that means.

However, it doesn’t limit here. Don’t get full on judgmental on the person, of course. Understanding them is always the key to get to them.