DIY - Five Hacks for school supplies

DIY – Five Hacks for school supplies

There are varieties of ideas which one can think of when it comes to school supplies. There is lot of information on the Internet as well which can be referred. Rather than using the same boring supplies, one can make few modifications so that even kids will be really happy and learn these hacks.

Five hacks for school supplies:

Dye pens with feathers:

When it comes to hacks for pencils, one can think of writing along with a quill. It will feel like having an old antique pen which uses to be part of writing in olden days. For this school hack one must need few large size feathers. These are easily available in craft stores. Other than this one need a pen preferably multicolored and few acrylic paints.


Next step will be to design and color the feather. One can do it creatively with colors of their choice. Tip of the feathers need to cut after this to reveal the tube. Small kids may need a supervision since this act can be dangerous. Next do some changes to the pen. If there is excess of tubing then it needs to be cut down. Now in last step one needs push it into feather stem. Pen tubing will be more than enough for majority of the large feathers. Like snug sock, usually feathers fit into the pen tube. Some combinations will come out really pretty and kids usually like them.

Eraser as USB:

One can make USB holders by using erasers. This will help in saving the space as well in a pencil case since there will be super cute USB which is an eraser as well. For this, first thing that must be done is finding an eraser which can hold the end of the USB in it. After this, to dig out a hole, one must use small scissors and a Stanley knife. In this hole, one must fit their USB in. In case if it becomes bigger, then no need to worry one can use glue and fit in the USB in.

Once everything is done, it will be a super stylish USB eraser. It is difficult to identify that there is an eraser. Looking at this people will just think it is an eraser.

Staples with color:

The normal silver staples may be just boring. So, one can just make an attractive staples by coloring it with their choice of colors. It is better to color the top of the staples. This hack is very easy and it just takes few minutes. Staple things become more fun with these colored staples.

Hacks for sharpener:

This hack is best suited for sharpeners which don’t have something to catch shavings. So, make them a shavings catcher using tick tac container. This is really easy to make. It is very easy to throw out the shavings from this just by opening it. One can color this for more fun. Hot glue and clay are needed for this hack. Sharpener must be fixed to the lid.