The broader Idea

Hamed Wardak And His ‘Valen Of Wicked’

Afghanistan born businessman and philanthropist Hamed Wardak left his promising corporate career to create music. As they say, you need to a higher degree of consciousness to create something which has not been created before, which has not been felt before. The philanthropist turned musician has substantiated the same established fact. His techno music under the banner “valen of the wicked” has been able to create that energy which reaches directly to the hearts of the audience.  His music is the closest reflection of his life.

Hamed Wardak; The person

Hamed Wardak is the man who has helped innumerable people throughout his career. He has helped hundreds of refugees to find their feet, starting from their rescue to exposing them to employment opportunities. Apart, he has stood for children and everyone who he thought he can help. He could all this riding on the back of professional success. He gives a lot of credit to Merrill Lynch, which he thinks was a launchpad for his career. He started his career Merrill and established himself in no time. He was the man behind many high profile mergers and acquisitions. He is the man of many talents, he also wrote Huffington post. When asked, how he climbed corporate easily and rapidly. He said, it’s the people who are the biggest asset in every business, he always chose the right people for the right job.

The broader Idea

Venturing into the music scene

For Hamid Wardak venturing into music was not a business. He wanted to create music which is closest to his life. He had the knack for electronic music, so he chose to produce techno music. He produced and branded his music under the name ‘Valen of wicked’. He believes, his music is a complete mix of his past experiences, unshared emotions and hidden aspects of his personality. People, who have followed his life, can see that very clearly. And, now the audience has also stated to relate that.

The broader Idea

Hamed Wardak sees spiritual and psychological purpose in his music. He wants to create the music which unblocks the hidden energy in the people. His music under the banner of ‘valen of wicked’ has been able to create the same perception among the audience. Its reach is not limited to the electronic audience, it’s transcending all boundaries. He believes it’s the idea behind his music which makes it special.