Super Mario Monopoly Gamer Board

Classic Gamers Rejoice. Completely Unannounced, Monopoly Gamer has released their newest edition of the classic board game. The theme this time around? The Super Mario Brothers once again race in the world of Monopoly. Yet another board game to spilt up a family.
The Collector’s Edition is currently the only one released, setting the buyer back by 65 US Dollars. It comes with an exclusive Browser character and Bowser Jr. Boss Card. Along with some stickers and a 25-page gamer guide that features Nintendo Art. The standard version, retailed at about 25 US Dollars, will be available in August but lack these additions.
The board has the standard tokens which include Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Princess Peach. However, there are optional power packs that contain additional characters such as Toad, Wario, Diddy Kong, Boo, and Luigi. These packs are retailed at 3 US Dollars each character.

characters from super mario brothers

This board is completely unlike any previous versions. It offers a refreshing twist to spice up the arguments that are doomed to happen while playing. Instead of collecting 200 when passing “Go,” you instead activate a boss fight. If you chose to fight, you could win big prizes and also keep the card for points. If you lose, the boss fight can be passed onto the next player. Another change, dollars are no longer used instead players now deal in coins.This is a great hat off to the beloved games this is based on. The game also now features a numbered die and a powerup die, a nice addition for chaotic fun.

The board is now riddled with coins, allowing players to steal coins from each other when they use powerups. This aspect is extremely similar to the popular video game, Mario Kart. However, if you pass the character before collecting the coins then you basically leave them for someone else to collect. Whoops.

characters from super mario brothers are also given an upgrade. Instead of being a random decision, it’s wise to put more thought in it. Each character receives their own powerups. There are two powerups for each character. One for when they land on the superstar and the other allows you to boost certain abilities with the power up die.

Princess Peach receives money from the bank whenever she lands on the superstar.

When Mario lands, he gets to roll the number die and collects whatever amount he rolls from the bank.Yoshi collects all the coins on the board and Donkey Kong collects 3 coins from each player. This gives a more complex and competitive aspect.
Princess Peach’s power up is choosing any player to drop 4 coins, Mario’s is collecting four coins from the bank, Yoshi’s is for the player in front of him to drop 3 coins, and Donkey Kong’s is for all players to drop 2 coins. However, Drop coins are fair game for any player to pick up as long as they pass by them. I feel as if Princess Peach and Donkey Kong are getting the short end of the stick here.

To win the game? Even that aspect as changed. It’s no longer about who has the most money. Instead, whoever has the most points wins the entire time. Winning boss fights, owning property, and collecting coins all accumulate together for points.
May the best Mario Win in this stress-inducing board game.