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Valorant: Boost FPS and Performance

All players have one goal in the game, it is to win and have good performance. A good graphic parameter and clarity of the game are some of the reasons why many players show good performance on the game. Of course, if you have that dull graphics of the game, it would probably affect the entire game. Some players may have an issue with the FPS and they want to have a good set up to play more competitively. So, they want to make sure that they have the best clarity on the game.

Proper setup for Valorant

Yes, players must know that to have a proper setup of the game, it can help for your valorant boosting aim. So, here are the tips to set up the game on PC:

  • Game mode. You want to remove the game mode on your desktop. To have a better game performance to boost the game is to remove the game mode. Most players don’t understand why game mode can affect the game performance which can also lower the FPS. Players should try this out! Try to remove the game mode on – turn it off. It can probably enhance your gameplay, you will find it out once you try. The game bar, capture, background recording, and recorded audio should all be in “off” mode.

Valorant Booster

  • Update the graphic parameter. Players might not be aware of the importance of updating. So, be sure that you update the graphic parameter to have a nice, sharp graphics, and smooth gaming interface.
  • Look for the .exe file. It is very important to go to the file where you installed the game. Look for the file, it might be on your Local Disc, and file “Valorant”. After you find the file, open the folder and search for the .exe. Once you find it, execute the two files named ” Valorant”. Right-click on the two files and click “Properties” and go to “Compatibility”. Check the “Disable Full-screen Optimization” and click “Apply”. The same thing should apply to the second folder named “Valorant”. Repeat what you have executed in the first folder.

Go inside the game

Once you are done with all of the instructions above, you are now ready to open the game. There are things that you need to change.

  • Resolution. Always make sure that you are playing the resolution that you wanted to play – it should be matched on the monitor you are using.
  • Display Mode. Always make sure that it is set to Full-screen.
  • Graphic quality. It can help maximize FPS. UI Quality must be on Low to avoid lagging.

All these can help boost your gaming experience.