Super Mario Brothers – The game that ushered the era of modern console gaming

Super Mario Brothers – The game that ushered the era of modern console gaming

The Mario series garnered such fame that it was later made available in other forms such as movies, Television and merchandise, to the extent of literally being available on the iPhone as well. The game that started it all goes by the name of Super Mario, in other words also referred to as Super Mario Brothers and forms the backbone of the bigger Mario saga.  Selling millions of copies worldwide, the Super Mario Brothers games till date remains the best-selling video games in the history of gaming. The primary reason for such a success can probably be attributed to the fact that this game involved a pretty simple plot, who would imagine that a plumber by profession would embark on a journey to save the Damsel (in this case Princess) – in – Distress, in a nutshell these are the characters from the Super Mario Brothers.

characters from super mario brothers

So who are the Super Mario Brothers?

Inhabitants of the mushroom kingdom, the plot in all the Mario series revolves around the main Character Mario, a Plumber of repute who sets out on a journey to rescue the beautiful princess peach who has been kidnapped by Bowser (apparently, the bad guy). This journey of Mario involves many adventures ultimately culminating (if you are successful in completing the game) in the rescue of the princess. Sometime after Mario gained popularity, in came the introduction of the other characters from the Super Mario Brothers. The second prominent (in times to come) character is that of Luigi, the younger brother of Mario as well as his Sidekick in many versions. In fact he is also besotted with Princess Daisy, who has been kidnapped by Tatanga. In the journey of Super Mario Brothers spanning almost 3 plus decades, they have met an introduced many other characters that gained prominence and became familiar. Some of those are

  • Rosalina –Although a Non Playable Character, she was introduced in and plays a major role in the Super Mario galaxy games version. She lives in the comet observatory and unfortunately is stranded in the galaxy after an attack by browser has left her utterly powerless. This is one character that always manages to get herself kidnapped… successfully.
  • Diddy Kong – Someone who Mario needs to Thank as he happens to be a friend of Donkey Kong, the game where it all began.
  • Bowser – The number one enemy of Mario and the culprit responsible for kidnapping of Princess Peach.
  • Wario – The Arch rival of Mario who wreaks havoc upon the mushroom kingdom by bombing it, he is considered more of an anti-hero rather than a villain owing to his ever changing behavior patterns.

All said and done, this the game that has enthralled and continues to enthrall the child in us. Needless to say, that this game still dominates the heart of us all.

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