Using Lie Detectors in Corporate Settings

Using Lie Detectors in Corporate Settings

Polygraphs and lie detectors used to feel like a farfetched idea of testing the truth. Quite recently lie detectors have become highly reliable source of forking out the truth of matters in any field. Companies have started using the technology to make sure their interview candidates as well as employees are loyal and if not, they are brought to the company’s attention. Here’s how lie detectors are used by companies to ensure safety and security.

Pre-employment and recruitment affairs

Every company aims at finding best, loyal and trustworthy employees. In an effort to do so, companies can perform polygraph tests to know a candidate’s personality. A few personality characters like aggression and vehemence can ruin the entire workplace environment. While these characteristics are not evident in a normal interview, a lie detector exam can bring out these personality traits. If the vacant position in a company is about handling sensitive information, or money, it needs a lie detector test to ensure the responsibility and power doesn’t go to the wrong person. Along with this, companies can also find out if the candidate has had any involvement in gambling, addiction, or criminal issues. Besides this, lie detector tests also help finding out if the qualifications that the candidate claims to hold are authentic or not. There is an overall testing of the candidate’s loyalty, background, and work history.


Checking if the sources are credible and reliable

Firms that deal with sensitive information, like journalism and media related fields need to double check if the information they have is credible and reliable. Since there are chances that people might provide fabricated stories to make money, lie detector tests need to be used. A lie detector test helps identify if the source is telling the truth or not. Polygraph tests have an accuracy of 98 percent and it is next to impossible tricking them.

Dealing with theft or bribery related issues

Theft and bribery are two major issues that companies and firms always want to check. When there are bribery allegations on an employee in a company, the company has to make sure whether or not that’s true. When there aren’t enough evidences to prove anything, companies seek lie detectors to find out. Though it costs some hundreds of pounds, it is better to pay the amount rather than having an unsolved issue in hand.

Whether it is for pre-employment, checking the sources, or theft and bribery related issues, lie detectors serve the purpose and help companies dodge any such problems. For more details, you can visit and find out what are the kinds of services provided for lie detector tests in a corporate setting.