Conversational AI

Conversational AI – A simple overview

We are living in the digital era, and it is possible to get everything easily in the finger of tips. You could shop, gather information or learn things with the help of smart devices and internet connection. Now, technology in communication has also paved the way for the people to get information by sitting at the comfort of home. Yes, the conversational artificial intelligence has made everything possible that makes the customer interaction without any human agents. Most of the business is planning to spend on AI-powered chatbots than mobile apps. Many banking sectors and other leading enterprise have started utilizing this technology. Clinc is one of the leading AI technologies that various solutions to the enterprises. Also, the company has announced the new CEO and focusing to provide the best virtual assistants to the financial sectors.

Conversational AI technology allows the customers to ask queries or any other details to the machine, and they will get automated responses. For implementing conversational AI, three primary features are required, and they are given below:

  • Understanding intent using Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
  • Machine Learning algorithms for predicting responses.
  • The human-like response through Natural Language Generation (NLG)

Customer service conversational AI

As a human, one cannot understand the different language shortcuts or grammatical errors. But the conversational AI platform using the above technologies gives the best response to the users. Furthermore, AI allows the application to correct the mistake, learn from their experience and improve constantly to deliver a better response in future. It is not possible in simple chatbots. The Clinc conversational AI is the true conversational that can show up in the following three ways.

Chatbots:One of the most common applications under conversational AI is chatbots. You could find it over the websites and acts as customer support by guiding you through the various features of the website.

Intelligent virtual assistants:It is the advanced level of conversational AI. This type generally focuses on voice and mobile assistants that can perform various operations like the text to speech, quick reply, response to weather and navigation.

Customer service based assistants:Customer service conversational AI are getting huge popularity and preferred by the banking sectors, educational organizations for the smooth and efficient functioning. Suchvirtualassistants pops-up when you open the website.