UC Mini - The Undisputed King of Mobile Browsers

UC Mini – The Undisputed King of Mobile Browsers

All of us know about UC Browser, a faster browser with many features of quick download and that takes less space on the gadget. Here is UC mini, which is a smaller version of UC browser made by Alibaba group. In today’s world, when technology is so handy with so many gadgets, everyone uses different browsers for browsing data. But what if we come across a browser hat is apt for a small gadget and faster access o data. Sounds great. Right! The latest browser from Alibaba group called the UC mini is just the right browser for small devices.

Its features:

  • UC mini is a light weight browser that makes it apt for a small gadget like a smart phone. It is suitable to all smart phones including the low range phones.
  • Security – Issues related to security and safety of your data can be solved by using UC mini. As a first step, the app itself is scanned for various virus.
  • Privacy settings and features –The incognito mode of the browser is one that keeps your data very private and to yourself. When you browse or watch any video, the data is kept private and no one will know about it. You can even control videos with gestures.

UC Mini

  • Use voice commands to search for anything.
  • It also helps to monitor multiple downloads with download manager.
  • Using UC mini as a default browser enhances its efficiency.
  • The night mode is another facility where you can use the browser in an appropriate way that protects your eyes in the dark.
  • It downloads data in a much faster way that helps to save time. This also adds to the fast browsing capability of UC mini. The cloud server used is the reason which compresses the data and displays the results in a faster way.
  • Smart downloading – It supports and downloads multiple connections and data.
  • Regular updates to the browser – There are constant updates about the latest apps and games and all this is free along with UC mini itself is free of cost.
  • Though it is small in size, you get a great browsing experience.
  • User interface – It gives a very comfortable user interface where you can customize it with different themes and modes as per your choice. You can even get updates on content that you prefer.
  • You can add shortcuts of URLs visited by you quite often to keep shortcuts.
  • Pages of multimedia will be compressed while downloading. This helps in faster download and even takes less space on your phone.

Even though it is a very light weight browser, it gives a great user interface and an excellent browsing experience.