Tips on moving your instagram game up!

Tips on moving your instagram game up!

Instagram notoriously makes life hard for marketers trying to drive traffic from the app/site to their website. The only clickable link you will find on Instagram will be in your profile, not in posts or anywhere else. But what do we gain from building a community on Instagram without driving them to our site to convert sales? What’s the use of trying to drive traffic to your site without knowing where they came from? Do I need to buy traffic? In this blog post I detail how I’ve quadrupled our Instagram traffic, in one month.

Instagram traffic is all about “link in bio”

Trust me, I’ve tried every single way it’s possible to drive traffic from Instagram. My findings show that the link in the bio method works far, far better.

I have tried calls to action using customized bitly links in the post caption that are easy to type, in the hope users would type the link into their browser. I’ve tried calls to actions to read a blog post without the link at all but then the blog traffic is not measurable. There are only a couple of other ways you can drive Instagram traffic and they are very menial and hard work for little return.

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Share blog posts

My process is to use the featured image as the background of the post, put the title of the post at the top of the image and put our logo on the bottom right corner. Simple.

You won’t drive much Instagram traffic to your site if you’re not sharing blog posts. They are the most interesting things your site has, in the eyes of a random person who’s never heard of your company before. Why would they be interested in looking at your site for no reason? They wouldn’t, which is why adding value through sharing a blog post will drive Instagram traffic to your site.

One post is a drop in the ocean

I dread to even think how many posts are shared per minute on Instagram. But one thing is for sure, it’s a lot of posts and you need to do something a little different to get seen and taken notice of. One way to do it is to post more than once. It sounds rally simple but it is effective.

Build a real community

There’s no doubt that it’s easier to build a real community of people who are interested in what you do than try and get random new people interested in you. Building a community is the way to make sure you get regular people on your site and engaging with your posts, maybe even sharing them themselves. People who really are interested in your company and work will actually go out of their way to read your blog post, look at what you’ve been doing etc. It’s these people who viewed my blog posts before when I tried different Instagram traffic driving methods. You’ll only make life easier for them to come to your site if you use the link in the bio method and you’ve built up a large community.

Hashtag appropriately

Don’t rely only on your existing audience though, when posting on Instagram you should always use hashtags to grow your audience and get more engagement. Don’t just throw in random hashtags that are not relevant to the blog post though, make sure you explore new ones first. Use Iconosquare to find good hashtags before posting. This will give you the best chance of being found, seen, liked, and engaged and then driving Instagram traffic from your post.