How to Counter Air Pollution

Knowing about the sources of air pollution is only one part of the equation on how we can properly rid our dear Earth from the continuous and damaging effects of this long-time problem. Enlisting a series of interactions and activities that will ultimately help in cleaning up our environment (in more ways than one) can bring back our precious Green Earth.

“Isn’t our Earth still filled with plenty of green?” This is a question that might be in the minds of some individuals. However, take a quick look at how our world used to look about 100 years ago and compare it to the Earth we live in now. You’ll see massive brown spots wherein there was once areas filled with lush forests. If we want to start bringing back the Earth that we knew before, then it’s time to initiate procedures that will eventually counter the effects of air pollution.

Air pollution facts

Use Public Transportation

Many people dread public transportation because it can get tight, and you have to follow a strict schedule or else you’ll be late for school or work. However, instead of just thinking about yourself, do consider what your actions can do the environment. When we take public transportation, the less amount of smoke gets thrown into the air by our vehicles. The fewer vehicles we use, the higher the chance Mother Nature can thrive once more. So if you do care for our Earth, then grit your teeth and bear with the tight schedules and overcrowded trains. In the end, you’re doing our planet a huge favor.

Switch Everything Off When They’re Not in Use

Humans are lazy creatures, and you can’t deny that fact. We want to make everything easy for our lives, but it shouldn’t mean that we should forget about other things, such as the environment and the atmosphere. If possible, remove the connections from your appliances and electrical devices when they’re not in use. Don’t just switch them off because they’re still going to use up power. The more power we use, the more fossil fuels are burned in factories. As such, conserve energy in your home, and, in turn, it’ll eventually help save the environment (not to mention your monthly utility bills).

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You’ll see signs all over town that coerces you to reduce, reuse, and recycle. However, have you ever asked yourself if you’re doing all three? If you’re not, then what better time to start than the present? Start by not throwing away items that are no longer of any use to you. Instead, reuse or recycle them for the greater good.

These aren’t just the only ways wherein you can start helping our planet become a better place. It doesn’t matter if the deed is small, just remember to keep doing it and you’ll ultimately help the atmosphere and environment become a better place we can proudly call home.