Steps to Choose a Good Inflatable SUP

Steps to Choose a Good Inflatable SUP

SUP boards or the stand-up paddle boards are increasingly becoming popular among people nowadays. They not only provide an excitement and fun way to get into the water but they also provide afull-body workout, which people love. You need to kneel or stand in the paddleboat and row or paddle manually through your arms.

These SUPs are generally made for flat waters or the areas where the water doesn’t have tides and even strong currents. SUPs provide great versatility and allow the people to go through narrow lanes of the water bodies through which the normal boats couldn’t pass through. There are many types of SUPs available in the market having different shapes and sizes and some of them are even inflatable.

These inflatable SUPs or sup boardaufblasbarare easy to carry around anywhere you travel and they are easy to inflate and use as well. These boards save you from the hassles associated with the transportation of the hard SUPs. If you’re looking to buy one of these inflatable SUP board for yourself then you can find a great variety of these boards in the market which can confuse you.

SUP board

Here are some of the points that you could consider to buy the best sup board aufblasbar:

Length and width

Once you go out to buy a SUP, you can find them in various shapes and sizes. It’s important that you choose a SUP with proper dimensions that can cater your paddling needs. Generally, the wider a SUP board the more stable it is and wider boards are great for beginners or people who like to slowly move on their boards. However, they tend to slow up the SUP a bit, which is why if you’re buying a SUP to race you shouldn’t buy it.

Same goes with the length of the board. The longer the board the faster it goes but the faster boats are difficult to turn suddenly. Generally, surfers use a board with lengths of 8-10 feet while the racers use boards with lengths of 12-16 feet.


Thickness plays an important role in the inflatable SUPs as it not only tells you how floaty it is but it can also give you an idea about how will you feel once you go into the water. Inflatable boards with athickness less than 6 inches are considered to be very thin and when taken into water feel like you’re standing on a jelly. This is why it’s recommended that you choose a board with proper thickness.

Nose rocker

Nose rocker is how far the front of the boards go up while you are using it. It’s one of the most important things to consider if you’re surfing. The larger the nose rocker the lesser the chances of your board submerging in water. Generally, the nose rocker doesn’t matter much when you’re in still waters but if you’re planning to surf in some kind of current or tides it’s an important metric to check.