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How to Buy a Percolator Bong

  1. Know What You Want

First things first, of course. You need to know what you want from a percolator bong before you go shopping for one. Are you looking for something big and tall or small and discreet? Do you want as many pieces as possible, or would something simpler be better? Do you need it to hold ice or not? Upgradable percs are more expensive, but if that’s what your heart desires, that’s the route.

There are many different percolator bongs, but all share the same basic shape. Percolators are small tubes that sit on top of water tubes in an intended manner, like a layered cake. The percolator sits in the middle of your multi-chamber bong or bubbler and sucks as much smoke up through the water as it can handle. view product here for better understanding.

  1. Know Where to Buy Percolators

The best place to look for any percolator bongs is on eBay . There are several different sellers with many other pictures, so make sure you do due diligence when buying from here. The best percolator bongs on eBay all have pictures that show the entire structure, which is a good sign.

  1. Don’t Get Taken for a Ride With Shipping Costs

You should try to get your bong for a low price, but it’s essential to know that shipping costs can sometimes be just as much as the bong itself. If shipping costs are more than you’d like, you can save a good chunk of money by having an expert percolator shipped to you where you live. Once there, you can check it out and see how it works and how big it is in person before paying for it.

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  1. Know the Function of Every Piece

Several pieces come with percolator bongs, and they can be bought separately. Each piece serves a specific purpose. The carb helps to keep the smoke in the percolator, while bubbles keep it moving through the water. A filter will help clean up any leftover particles in your smoke, and a bowl helps to contain it all as you consume it.

  1. Choose the Sturdiest Design

Many percolator bongs can look beautiful, but you should ensure they’re sturdy before buying them. You want to avoid a design that can break on you after just one drop, if at all. So look for a design that can stand up to your lifestyle.

  1. Get One That Can Be Taken Apart for Cleaning

Percolator bongs are complicated and therefore have many parts which need to be cleaned from time to time. Make sure yours can be taken entirely apart so that all pieces can be cleaned and sanitized separately, at least within reason.