The best 5 features for the best pc gaming headset

A headset is invariably important for playing games irrespective of the platform, whether it is PS 3 or 4, Xbox or even PC. When you are playing on a PC, you need to have extra quality headsets, because the PC is not exclusively designed to play games unlike the consoles. But a good headset can offer the same level of playing quality. One of the best PC headsets for gaming is the turtle beach computer headset.

The features to look out for

Optimum sound: The sound quality of a headset is what will tell if the headset is the best or worst. Most headsets assure good sound but there are some that delivers superior quality while some are below par. You should be able to hear all the different sounds, low or high, clearly, be it the firing noise, the slight movement and so on. If your headset can offer a good sound experience, you can be assured of a great gaming experience as well. Look for the sound features in reviews.

Wiring: Headsets may be wired or may be wireless. It is up to the user as to which ones they prefer. You will find good choices with turtle beach computer headset. About the wired ones, it may be a hassle to find wires all around you while you are gaming and also it may pose some inconvenience when you are carrying it around or you are taking it with you while travelling. Wireless work on battery and needs charging from time to time. The price will vary as well.

Open vs closed: Also called as open ear headsets and closed ear headsets, they can be chosen as per your liking. The open air set is one that allows the passage of music outside while the closed one keeps it within. With the open headsets, others too will be able to hear the sound of your games but the latter manages to not only prevent the background noise from reaching you but will also prevent the sound from going out.

Microphone: This is essential for your PC gaming because it will help you to talk to fellow gamers easily and conveniently. There will be different types of microphones available depending how they are positioned with respect to the headphones.

Comfort: Though listed at the last, this feature is a huge deciding factor when it comes to buying the headsets for gaming. Choose one that fits your ears well and sits comfortably and ensure that it does not prick or cause discomfort. You should be able to enjoy the games but at the same time, you should also ensure that your ears are well protected.

The best audio quality: The frequency range that lasts will 28,000 Hz and the dB tolerance level up to -10 is what can be called as the superb audio quality.