Omega 3 Fish Oils – Why they are important for health

Omega 3 Fish Oils – Why they are important for health

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for good overall health and the fact is that the body doesn’t manufacture enough on its own to meet the needs.  There are quite a few ways to get these fats into the system – eat foods which have ample amounts often during the week to get an adequate supply.  Omega 3 fatty acids not only help to support one’s brain and heart health but also help to prevent inflammation and coronary blockages.

Sources of Omega 3


Sources of Omega 3:

Like any other proteins or nutrients, omega 3 fatty acids can also be obtained from a line of food items and food products. However, it is quite imperative for one to gain a deep understanding of what is what and how one can receive the right amounts of these fatty acids into the body.

Omega 3 is found naturally in foods like eggs, fish and organs like the liver and brain. These fatty acids are thought to help in reducing the risk of mood disorders and depression. It also works to reduce triglycerides in the blood, raise HDL and reduce the risk of heart disease.  For vegetarians, flaxseeds and walnuts are a great source of Omega 3.  Those who eat fish benefit by getting it directly – however, for those who do not, supplements are another source.  Fish that contain these oils are tuna, mackerel, sturgeon, salmon, anchovies and trout to name a few.

Omega 3 fish oil supplements are usually made using tuna, herring, salmon, cod liver and whale blubber.  These supplements are combined with vitamin E to prevent spoiling.  For people with conditions like ADHD, glaucoma and Alzheimer’s, Omega 3 has been shown to help. These fatty acids are believed to help people with diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, asthma and a variety of other health conditions.

How effective are Omega 3 Fish oils:

Most of all, omega 3 supplements have been shown to help people with high cholesterol levels.  It has been shown to effectively reduce triglycerides which are known to cause long term conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Omega 3 fish oil supplements also seem to help people with high blood pressure reduce their numbers by expanding blood vessels and also reducing inflammation.

Rheumatoid Arthritis patients seem to do well when the take fish oil supplements by itself or in combination with naproxen.  Quite a few people have been able to reduce their intake of pain medications as well.