You need help!

            Having decided on what your future should look like, the next step for you to take is that you go and access help from the best minds in the field so that you can have the right guidance and the connectivity into your goals and some mentoring along the way so that your goals are achieved easily and without wasting much time exploring the alternatives. Timeis of the essence as can be seen from the life of Ryan kavanaugh in whichhe has started working into his career very early on in his life so that he will have ample time to learn more and be ahead of his times. He was definitely ahead of his times looking at his innovative techniques and technology that he brought in.


Wake up early:

            The most important attribute or characteristic of a successful person is that he or she wakes up early in the morning and performs some form of meditation or exercisesuch as running or walking and then sit and plan the day. Being early in the morning gives you all the energy that you need to be forceful in your work and be organised mentally and outwardly so that the work goes smoothly as planned which is half success already.

Being connected:

            The entrepreneur under study here keeps it very serious that he keeps connected with the world around him by going through all the mails and also being connected through other technological means such as whatsapp and others. Answering to the mail keeps you in the memory of your contacts which is very important for your business at the present as well as in the future.

Setting deadlines:

            Setting a deadline is as essential as agreat plan. Without a deadline, any great plan will not come to fruition. A good planner should always keep in mind the importance of a deadline within which the task at hand should be finished and this gives you the energy to carry on to a new project. Without this you will be stuck inan old project not knowing what to do about it.


            It can be seen that Ryan kavanaugh was very organised and he innovated the pre cash and also realised the need for a new type of money payment apart from the currency which is very brilliant.