Online Games in Korea

Things to Remember in Finding Online Games in Korea

There are several reasons for many online games in Korea people are having a hard time to register., but the two most significant are hacking and protection of account information. Korea has a huge hacking dilemma and one way to fight this is to balance everyone’s account to a real-life ID and phone number. Unlike in the US, there really isn’t any anonymity when an individual register for their account. When an individual sign up, they are verifying online identification equals their real identity. The other main reason is Korean phone numbers are attached to bank accounts, which are also used in getting things online. Buying with cell phones is immensely famous for this reason, as well as convenience. Most games have access to buy stuff online, phone and bank account are therefore joined to the online account. Protection of every online game and proper verification are the priorities of Korea. There are a lot of sites today that an individual can look at online games like 토토사이트.

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Top Online Games of Korea to Look For

South Korea has one of the biggest gaming activities in the world, it’s no surprise they make some of the most ridiculous, mind-blowing games on the market to enjoy by everyone. With the most hardcore players who battle in games for the title of world’s best and large prizes, these games are famous in Korea.

  1. Cyphers is a distinct AOS-styled title by People Korea. Cyphers’ battle system is different from many traditional AOS (Aeon of Strife) games. The game goes with the final goal of destroying 5 buildings appointed by the system.
  2. Warcraft is a high fiction real-time tactics video game released by Blizzard Entertainment.
  3. Dungeon & Fighter Online is a multiplayer PC beat ’em up video game produced and distributed by Neople, originally published by Hangame.
  4. Starcraft wage war across the galaxy with three different and strong races. StarCraft II is an instant strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment for the PC and Mac.
  5. Blade & Soul, Rise. Beat. Revenge. brings the world of Asian martial arts fiction to active life in this massively multiplayer online world.
  6. Sudden Attack is now the common played first-person shooter in Korea with more than 100 continues weeks on the game charts. Well-known for having a high quality.
  7. FIFA Online 3 is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online football game which was announced on 13 August 2012.
  8. League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online combat arena video game produced and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It’s currently the most successful game in Korea.