Tool to Save the Earth

Tool to Save the Earth

Science learning and teaching would never be the same again. The accessibility of curriculum related materials, activities, and assessment tools online has provided it a new look. The integration of technology to enhance science learning and teaching has resulted to innovations in the teaching of science.

Many online resources have been created not just for teachers to use in their instruction but also to create awareness on the present condition of the planet. Teachers don’t have to prepare most of the materials because of the availability of online resources. Teachers don’t need to prepare quizzes because there are already available online quizzes prepared by experts in the field. Try and search for sites that contain information about the earth and the most pressing environmental problems that confront it. Would they qualify as excellent teaching resources?

Up – to – Date Materials

A quality site serves as home to up – to – date content about the earth and the ecological issues that confront it. Students get ample quality information from the it. The variety of topics and the way they are presented should also be commendable. Pictures should accompany text explanations. Main points should also be in bullet form, allowing readers to get most of the experience from the site. It should  also maximize the use of streaming videos and updated news in its effort to convey what has to be significantly learned.

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Interactive Assessment and Discussion

Some sites retain the traditional multiple – choice type of assessment. They make conventional quizzes that fall under certain categories. There is this site that offers a planet quiz that has designated number of items and time allotment. For one of the categories, test – takers have to answer 60 – multiple choice items. The time allotment is 15 to 30 minutes. For the other category, test takers are allowed to answer a 20 – item test in five to ten minutes.

While taking the traditional assessment form, the site has introduced immediate feed – backing to the test takers. They are also allowed to engage in discussion about the topics included in the test items. These elements of discussion and interaction makes the assessment tool used by the site more engaging for the test takers.

Motivation to Learn

With the creation of commendable web content and assessment tool, a commendable earth site  creates a positive impression to its visitors. The way the site engages the readers from its web content to its quiz establishes a milieu of wanting to read and learn more about the earth and the environmental issues that confront the planet.

By creating a formidable combination of excellent web content and engaging assessment, the site is definitely a helpful tool to promote quality science teaching and learning. It further helps in promoting awareness on saving the planet earth and provides a good venue for the citizens of the earth to embrace the planet back. Undoubtedly, it becomes a potent tool not just in teaching and learning but also  in creating a positive change as to how the earth should be treated while it is not yet too late to save the planet at its breaking point.