Importance of having PHR Certification and Credentials

Importance of having PHR Certification and Credentials

It is quite common for many professions to require highly specific credentials. Credentialing helps set requirement benchmarks for jobs and it helps employees slide into their new jobs with ease. Even though certifications are available for every possible position, the reasons for its need are not very obvious in some cases. For example, the HR Certification Institute is not only the global leader in certification for HR professionals; they offer a wide range of these. This credentialing institution helps HR professionals showcase their ethics, experience and education. Professionals in 100+ countries have passed the exams and demonstrate their commitment to the industry. You can do the same by opting for a PHR sample test. All you need to do is to plan your day for the test and prepare yourself.

How important is the Certification?

Passing the exam and holding an HR certification demonstrates an individual’s interest and commitment to their work and continuing professional development. As far as qualifications and eligibility for the certificate go – a balance of education and experience is important. A professional in this field should be able to prove that they have at least a bachelor’s degree and the relevant experience to qualify.  Check the HRCI site to find out what the criteria for each credentials will be.

PHR sample test

How the certification will help

The HRCI has a lot of programs to help HR professionals boost their knowledge and job prospects. Educational seminars, online communities, forums and networking have been enabled to help professionals around the globe to share their best practices and expand their skill set. Once an HR professional has passed the exam, this fact can be advertised on the official website, the blog and also the news magazines. Getting a letter about the achievement can enable an HR person to share this with their organization. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the PHR sample test here.

The fact remains that hiring managers prefer to hire someone with the right credentials and background. Experts and the market predictions indicate that the demand for HR professionals will grow steadily over the next decade. It is also an established fact that the job description and range of duties for HR professionals has changed dramatically.  These days, the HR function is not just restricted to administrative work. HR professionals do of course perform routine tasks such as screening for employment, answering questions about benefits, pensions, maternity leave and even training programs. HR professionals play a key role in planning by consulting with upper management with regard to hiring, growth strategy and shaping hiring policies. Human Resource Management is best handled by professionals who have the background and necessary tools to carry out their tasks effectively.