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Guide to know about the Alpine global company

Alpine Global is an investing company with a broad range of sophisticated trading methods focused on spotting opportunities that can repeat across various approaches and asset classes. To generate alpha, Alpine Global focuses on finding global arbitrage possibilities between futures, exchange-traded funds, and indices. Alpine Global was established in 2008 by Uriel Cohen and charles kim alpine with the distinct goal of “letting traders trade.” Alpine Global supports an entrepreneurial environment backed by powerful analytics, cutting-edge technology, and dynamic risk management.


The Alpine Group of businesses was founded by charles kim alpine in 2008. In 2010, Uriel Cohen joined Alpine Partners as a partner and a co-founder of the business. To grow the company’s worldwide event-driven trading portfolio, Bret Chesney joined the company in 2010 as a senior portfolio manager. To launch the Global Index Event group, Art Ayzerov comes Alpine as a senior portfolio manager, and in 2013 John Ripley founded the Special Situations group. Amy Tarlowe joins Alpine to develop completely automated middle and back office procedures. To have personnel on the ground to focus on events get happened throughout Europe, Alpine created a presence in the UK in 2014. 2016 saw a name change from Alpine Partners VI, LLC to Alpine Global Management, LLC.

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Alpine gives our Portfolio Managers a powerful trading platform that makes it easier to execute trades, allowing them to concentrate their time and energy on developing winning trading strategies. We provide a trading infrastructure designed to let traders enable our teams to engage with international markets and dynamically manage the risk of their portfolios using best-in-class tools and procedures. Alpine has made most investments in the basis and infrastructure of the company to ensure complete front-to-back-end solutions with automation, compliance management, risk management, and operational processes in place.

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