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Why do people avoid real estate investing?

Fear is an emotion that finds its place anywhere you wish to start new. To overcome it is a really daunting task. When it comes to money then these emotions tend to fully occupy us to the core. Investing is a compulsory way to make use of your money usefully and demands to get more out of it. That is the whole reason for invest. However, there are a lot of people who do not want to invest in real estate, unlike Alan Jiwan.

The real estate isn’t as complicated as the stock markets to understand but still, there are people who prefer to avoid it. Here are the reasons why people do so.

Requires high cash

The more suitable reason why most people avoid investing in real estate is that it requires high cash. Not all the people have that huge amount of cash in the present world. Only the big real estate agents have the capability to make such a huge investment. The limited amount of money that they have doesn’t give them the confidence to use the money on an investment that doesn’t have a guarantee of return.

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Looking for a perfect deal

There are people who are in the wait for the perfect deal. However, investing is not about a perfect deal it about making a right deal that could give you good returns in the future. If one is in the quest to search for the perfect deal then he would never find that. To get a balance between the money and the quality of the estate isn’t that friendly. However, it isn’t impossible either if you can set out the road to look for the ideal deal.

Property demands decreases

One fear that almost all the investors have is that what the market value of the real estate decreases is. Investing so much money in a single property is a risky thing.


However, the risk of investing in a real estate is less. Even if the market value decreases in a few days it is going to go up in the next couple of days.