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Bluehost or Dreamhost which one is best?

You will get many different or similar things on both Bluehost and Dreamhost. You will get to this here that which one is the best web hosting provider. Who will offer you the best value as well as the best hosting services? So below is the comparison of Bluehost vs Dreamhost.

First which offers you the best plans

Bluehost has almost five plans which range from shared web hosting to dedicated servers and if we talk about Dreamhost they also provide five plans of hosting. These are from the shared hosting plans to the dedicated ones. But Bluehost offers full web hosting facilities to their customers.

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The second is about the freebies

The domain name, SSL certificates, advertising, dedicated IPs, Cloudflare free facility integration, jetpack licenses, and some plans with add-ons such as domain privacy with full protection and also code guard backups are given by Bluehost company. Now if we talk about Dreamhost they provide domain names, SSL certificate also, Advertising credits, privacy and protection domain, and unlimited CDN to their users.

The third is WordPress support

If we talk about Bluehost then they have which is officially recommended. The pro plans are basically hosted optimized by WP Pro VPS servers and you will get full customer support service. Now the Dreamhost is also formally recommended by this and you will get optimized DreamPress plans in the cloud environment. They also offer you the best technical support for their users.

Customer support service of both the companies

Bluehost is there for you 24/7 with outsourced support staff and help you out with problems like slow response time or unhelpful answers. You will get this issue online many times and the Dreamhost has an in-house staff for 24/7 service. They have much better service quality as compared to the Bluehost.