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What You Need to Put Up an Online Business

Traditional businesses are starting to join into e-commerce. This is to follow with today’s trends. As most people can already be found online, this means that their market can also be found online. One of the advantages of doing online business is that you can literally have a business transaction with someone from halfway around the world. Online business allows you to have a broader reach in terms of target market. Agencies such as web and design seligenstadt based R2 Media is of great help.

Traditional businesses


Located in one of Germany’s oldest towns, R2 Media is a web design and marketing agency that caters to all your online business needs. From creating websites to providing graphic design, up to improving site traffic, the agency will help build your online presence and work side by side with you to create an online business website that is tailor fitted to you.

Online shop construction

Online businesses require a place for them to showcase their products or services. That place is the website. A website can also be your company’s profile and product catalogue. There are a lot of purposes for a website, as there are processes on how to make it. R2 Media will be closely working with you starting from the conceptualization, followed by the design stage. This is to make sure that the website will be tailor fitted to your needs. This is then followed by the testing phase wherein the agency checks and double checks if everything in the website is running smoothly. Only then after they deem the project finished, that it will be turned over to you for the official launch.

Need graphic design?

Every now and then, you should release posters through various popular social media platforms about your site. These posters require graphic artists, and it just so happens that R2 Media has graphic artists.

Another important thing that your online business must have is a logo. The logo serves as the face of your business or company. Having a well-made logo that embodies the company will leave a lasting impression to people.

The only traffic that matters

While you might already have a website, it won’t generate enough income on its own. This is where the marketing aspect comes in. As there are lots of competitions, you must market your business in a way that’s unique yet feasible. Redirecting online traffic towards your site is important to generate site activity and ultimately, generate sales.

As the company specializes in web design and marketing, you will have a relatively easy time in setting up your online business. The hard part is redirecting online traffic, specifically targeted traffic. Good thing that it is one of R2 Media’s expertise.