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The Ideal Place To Buy Products For Acoustic Control

Sound proofing and vibration control is an important aspect to be considered while designing residential and commercial complexes and industrial units. There are a wide variety of noise and vibration control products to suit different settings and requirements of a particular space. The ideal place to visit to get a detailed description of the products and buy these equipment is

vibration isolation

 Isolation Technology Inc is expert in solving all the noise and vibration control problems. They design, manufacture and distribute the most effective vibration isolation and noise control equipments in the market suitable for different settings such as factories, educational institutions, office spaces, recording studios and theatres. The products range from sound proofing materials like wall panels, curtains, foam and other materials to vibration noise control equipment like vibration isolation spring mounts, rails, pads and cylindrical vibration isolators. The products are manufactured using the state of the art technology and are one of the best noise control and sound proofing equipments available in the market.

The company also offers services of noise and vibration control specialists who collaborate with architects and designers to develop and design, noise control equipments that cater to the specific requirements of an establishment. The products developed by this company perform effectively under the most demanding and critical criterion. These products are available at the most competitive prices in the market. To get in touch with the noise control specialists just visit the company website and submit a RFQ. You can also get directly in touch with the experts of the company by dialling the numbers available on the website.

Some of the noise control products offered by Isolation Technology are Acoustic adhesive, Sonex curtain barrier septum, Sonex Pyramid panels, Whisper wave panels, Whisper wave Baffles, Sonex Valueline baffles, Sonex curtain quilted absorber, Whisper wave ceiling clouds and Sonex mini panels. Its vibration control products include Novibra Vibration Mounts, steel spring isolators, elastomer isolators, custom moulded products, series Ns Mounts and vibration Rails. All these products are designed using the class 1 and class 11 ASTM E84 rated materials and are environmentally friendly.  The products also get tested under NFPA 225 and UL 1715. They are suitable for all kinds of settings like factories, restaurants and music venues. The products are easy to maintain and the company also offers customer service to the clients in case of any problem with their products.

Isolation technology Inc is a leading designer, developer, manufacturer and distributor of all the noise and vibration control equipments. The equipments developed by them are very effective in controlling the noise and vibration in all types of settings. The products undergo various tests like ASTM E84, NFPA 225 and UL 1715 and are fire resistant and are safe to use in residential and commercial complexes, school buildings and factories.