Technology is the way as how people are using the scientific knowledge and applying it in the different fields, whether it is in the industry or organization or in their daily lives. We take the help of scientific knowledge and resources in order to achieve our goals. The latest technologies utilize the important equipments such as smart phones, social networks, multimedia, software, applications and games. The blogs, e-mails, texting, social networks, twitter, video conferencing, etc. are all very vital forms of technology.



There are many various and important type of technology which includes the information technology, instructional technology, productivity technology, assistive technology, teaching technology, etc. Some of them are as follows:-

ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY- It is the type of technology that people are most familiar with in modern life. The electronic technology includes laptops, computers, washing machines, MP3 players, televisions, etc. Such type of technology uses electric circuit in order to achieve the goal.

MECHANICAL – These type of technology includes gears, wheels, belts, engines, etc. It is that field of technology which applies the different engineering principles and technology developments in order to create useful products, tools, machineries and equipments.

INDUSTRIAL AND MANUFACTURING -The vital goal or aims of such kind of technology is that of producing the products on a large scale. It uses the manufacturing and engineering latest technologies in order to produce more products in an efficient and well planned manner. Efficient planning and designing the manufacturing tools, equipments and procedures are the important aspects of the industrial technologies.

TEACHNING – The latest improvements in technology provides the important tools that can help the teachers to use it in the classroom and provide better teaching learning experience to the students. The technologies help in reaching the students and teachers goals more efficiently and effectively.


MEDICAL – It includes the use of robotics, machines, sciences, etc. for proper diagnosing and management of the operations and surgeries. There are also many medication vendors that keep reminding the patients to take their medicine on time.

ASSITIVE – It involves the use of innovative eyewear, hearing aids. It is any kind of equipment or product which is generally used to enhance and improve the functional abilities of those people with disabilities.

Technology has not only beneficial from the human point of view but it has also helped and served the members of animal species. The evolution of new technologies has provided vital development in various fields such as biotechnology, nano technology, information technology, robotics, etc. It is with the help of technology that various field work together in order to produce same kind of goals.