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    Why music has a perfect healing power

    Music has a strange healing power: sometimes it can soothe you from stress or double your joys, it reduces pain and makes you feel better, it improves your self-esteem, helps you improve self-expression and even causes physical rehabilitation.

    Thus, it has many amazing functions to eliminate and reduce physical and psychological problems, which has been proven by many researchers. Due to its proven usefulness, it is also advancing in medical therapy to relieve stress and spiritual healing after physical or mental trauma.

    If a song is motivating, with a positive theme, it will certainly release the willpower of a person to recover faster and restore its energy in order to move on in life. Therefore, receiving musical assistance in restoration is a magical effect on human health.

    Similarly, beauty is also a source of inspiration in Valen Of Wicked of Hamed Wardak, freeing a person from emotional and mental stress and allowing all feelings to rest and relax. Inclusion of beauty as a theme song can help save a person from health problems.

    Why music isan important part of our lives and healing therapy?


    From a medical point of view, it has been shown that musical assistance helps to calm the senses, reducing the activity of brain waves and establishing a connection with your spirit. This can further lower blood pressure if the music is soft and relaxing.

    Many painful operations and medical procedures, such as endoscopy and colonoscopy, are considered less painful along with music therapy. Several questions were asked about music to find out if this was due to less brain activity or a lower heart rate experienced by a person who listens to slow music.

    We know that certain frequencies presented by singers, for example, classical eastern or western opera singers, can break glass. Medical researchers want to know whether this phenomenon can be used to destroy kidney stones or not. If possible, this can be a very simple replacement for the surgical methods used to remove kidney stones. Broken stone can be removed through urine afterwards.

    Similar musical issues underlie many ultrasound technologies that have so far worked to detect kidney stones. Therefore, music is not only a source of entertainment, it has several wonderful properties to heal and affect people in various ways.