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    3 Reasons Why You Should Place a Floating Action Button in Your Website

    The Floating Action Button or FAB as some developers and designers like to call it, a circular-shaped icon found floating around a site (usually found in the lower right-hand corner). When clicked, this button presents users with different options to enhance user experience. The button can display links to other pages on the site, or it can assist users in performing various actions.

    There is much beauty in a seemingly simple and miniature website element, and we’re here to talk about why it should have a special place in your site.

    Bring Out the Most Relevant Actions

    Have you ever tried accessing a particular web page but you have to scroll all the way back up just to click on a single link? Yes, the process will only take a few seconds, but cutting the time to access one link is an important aspect of bringing better experiences to users. Before deciding to put every link in your site with one click of the FAB, let the button display only the most relevant URLs or actions on your website. For example, if your site deals in retail, then the button should either let the user add the item to their cart, add the product to a wish list, or to contact you for more information.

    Let’s Users Know What to do Next

     After taking a look at what you offer for your visitors, they’ll most probably ask themselves, “What should I do next?” Once they see the FAB, most users will be curious about what it holds. Think about it as trying to open up a treasure chest to see what’s inside. After seeing the contents hidden beneath the button, your visitors now have a clear indication as to what they should do next instead of trying to visit every page on your website to find the Contact Us form.

    Bring Two Features Into One Page

    Some FABs don’t just bring out actions or links as some variants can even bring out complete forms. However, clicking on “Next” all the time might not be the most logical choice to bring the best in user experience. As a user of the Internet yourself, it can be quite annoying to see that circle spinning around as it tries to load the next page. Instead, bring all the most relevant actions, forms, and links into one unobtrusive package to maximize user experience.

    There are some individuals who might say that using the FAB in a wordpress web design is a bad idea, but some studies show users only tend to think about the site element as a bad tooth during the first few times of going through with the site. Pretty soon, they might even think that it’s a neat way to bring most of the site’s features into one clean page. For more information about great site designs, check out web designer swansea.