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    The best video streaming app that you never tried before

    iPhone is undoubtedly the most popular phone in the world (no offense to Android users I did just say more popular) and for a very good reason. It’ expensive, elegant, has many case customizations as there are people in the world, well thought of design, a solid and mature OS and a good number of followers worldwide.

    This also translates to the apps that they’re getting. If the Google play store gives you more than you can chew (the bad with the good) type of apps, the Apple store is the exact opposite, it’s picky and if your app gets here it’s an achievement. But it doesn’t mean that all the best apps are here, it just means there are more quality apps in the Apple store. One of the popular ones is video streaming apps (c’mon mention it!) Netflix!

    Not the best: That’s right Netflix isn’t really the best one out there, but definitely the most popular. And for a good reason too, it wasn’t just the ads that kept them on top it was also the selection of shows and movies and not to mention their Netflix originals are to die for. But not all people do see the value in paying for their subscriptions.

    showbox for iphone

    The other good stuff: Especially when people discover the things that Netflix can do (except their originals) can be done by other app developers as well that offers their service for free. And if you think that these free apps strength is just their free offerings you’re dead wrong and you will be amazed on how almost similar to even better they are to Netflix.

    Showbox: Is just one of the apps out there that you can even say on par or even better than Netflix in some aspects. Aside from all the features that are like Netflix (again aside from the originals) but you can live with that. What you will be amazed about this app is that it’s free. That’s right, this is free forever and even though this app has never graced the Apple store, you don’t need to jailbreak your precious iPhone just to get this app.

    Overall, Showbox is indeed a good app, not just because it’s free but also because it’s well built and is never short of updates. And did I mention that it’s streamed in HD and you can also download the shows and movies that you see so you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere you like or prefer? If you want to download the Showbox for iPhone click the link (and don’t worry again you don’t need to jail break your iPhone).