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       Are you looking for the best VOIP?

    VOIP or voice over internet protocol, also popularly known as IP telephony, Internet telephony or internet calling is simply put, another method of making calls which is reasonable or completely free. It has been regarded as one of the most successful and life changing technology discovered in the last few years since it does not require a telephone set to communicate. Using the best VOIP gives you a clear edge over using the traditional telephone systems. The innovative method has been very popular with the businesses and individuals alike. While it reduces the cost of communication and adds several unique features of increasing the communication levels between the customer and the employees of a company, for individuals it’s a fun way of communication using the computer and mobile devices.

    Advantages of using the best VOIP

    Apart from being completely free and convenient, there are several other advantages of using a VOIP system over the traditional method of telephone systems. Some of these are:

    • A number of interesting and useful features

    Besides the high quality of calling, there are several other interesting features of VOIP that can enrich your calling experience, whether it is for personal or business use. Your VOIP account will not only allow you to make calls anywhere around the world but also has some significant features like voice mail, caller ID, contact list, extra virtual numbers among others.

    • It is much more than just hearing the voice

    There is much more you can do than just hear the voice like in a traditional telephone system. Along with the voice, you can also send messages, videos, and images or send files while you are in the middle of the communication.

    • Uses cheap hardware and Software

    Since most of us are internet users, we already have a computer and an internet and we need very little apart from these. To use the VOIP, one should have a microphone, speakers, and a sound card all of which are cheap. Then there are several software that are available online and can be easily downloaded to start the process of using VOIP.

    • Can involve more than two people

    While a traditional telephone line can only have two people in the communication, the VOIP process can have an entire team communicating at the same time using the conference feature. This is possible since VOIP compresses the data packets at the time of transmission and thus allows more data to be handled conveniently by the carrier. This means more number of calls can be accommodated on one line.