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    Health Benefits of Superfood

    Superfoods are usually plant based with being high in nutritional value and low on calories, they are most preferred in daily diet to keep up with your health. They have all the essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants and come in different varieties that can easily be consumed on a regular basis.

    How to include them in diet

    Some common superfoods that can be included in your diet every day are almonds, oranges, broccoli, tea, nuts, spinach, flaxseeds, wheatgrass, avocados, salmon, cinnamon, sweet potatoes, cinnamon etc. These can be incorporated in recipes, drinks, juices, shakes, desserts etc.

    While you can take them in their available form, you may also opt for superfood powders that are easily available in the market and are an easy and tasty alternative to the regular recipes of these superfoods. They also guarantee just a spoonful to be enough to supply the required nutrients and energy for the day.

    best Green Superfood

    Health benefits of superfoods:

    With variety of superfoods available, each has a different nutritional value that helps your body in an unique way. Here are some superfoods that provide different health benefits.

    1. Green superfoods: Superfoods like spinach are rich in vitamins A,C,K and E that helps form new cells. Hence, most helpful for pregnant woman, one cup of serving gives the required nutrition for the day.

                Green superfoods are rich in chlorophyll that has anti-oxidant values and helps to fight against the free radicals to prevent some inflammatory problems like heart attacks, cancers etc. Green superfoods also help in detoxifying the body.

    1. Berries: Rich in flavonoids, they help in reducing the risk of heart attack. Almost all types of berries are good.
    1. Soy beans: It has isoflavones that can help reduce the bad cholesterol in the body.
    1. Tea: A good source of anti-oxidants, it also has anti-inflammatory properties, especially in green tea. Any type of tea has the ability to reduce the stress levels.