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    A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation Postures

    Research confirms that when you take some time to meditate, you actually allow positive psychological and physiological changes in your body. The stresses of everyday activities will eventually take a toll on your mind and body. It is important that you give your body the chance to recharge, relax and rejuvenate. Here are some of the most common postures in meditation which you can initially start with.

    effective position for meditation

    • Sitting

    The most commonly used and recommended posture for meditation is the sitting position. One popular classic position is the cross-legged pose. You can also try another basic pose which is the lotus pose. You may also sit on a chair initially as this is one position that’s recommended for meditation for beginners. Make sure that you sit upright so that your spine is steady and comfortable. If you are sitting on the floor, use a blanket or a cushion under your bottoms. There are also some who to kneel “japanese-style.” The important thing here is that you are comfortable with the way you are positioned.

    • Standing

    Another effective position for meditation is by standing up. Standing can actually build your physical and mental strength. Rest your arms comfortable at the sides of your body and make sure that your body is well aligned. You can either close your eyes or open them. Whatever makes you comfortable and relaxed.

    • Walking

    If you enjoy walking a lot, you may try a moving meditation. This is also highly recommended for people who are always on the go. Walk slowly and be aware of your steps. Make each step the focal point for your meditation exercise. Move your arms freely and don’t be in a rush. Coordinate the steps with your breathing pattern until you feel comfortable and relaxed. Choose a place where you are most happy with like by the ocean or along the park.

    • Lying Down

    Reclining has always been associated with sleep and relaxation so it is just appropriate that you use it for meditation, too. As you lie down, put your arms on either side of your body with your palms facing up. You can open your eyes or close them but some people prefer opening the eyes as closing them might draw you into sleep. This position generally entails more focus and alertness as you might find it very difficult to stay awake when you’re lying down.

    Meditation provides you a lot of health benefits starting off with a rejuvenated mind and body. Managing stress can be pretty difficult especially when you are working all day.  meditation for beginners will help you to be physically and emotionally stable eventually. After all, you do not meditate to get something, you meditate to get rid of all the negative energy.