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    Pepper Spray for Self Defence

    Self Defence is the best way to save ourselves from any unexpected attack. There is no wonder, when we hear the everyday news about rape or unfortunate attack on women. Hence, stop worrying and adopt the tough remedies of self-defence. Rape is one of the biggest crimes faced by most countries in the world. Women need to be in constant vigilance and alert, particularly if they are travelling outside. Thus, adopting the defence remedies such as fighting skills or some easy and instant remedies such as pepper sprays are considered as the best things. The women’s pepper spray is widely used solution against attacks. It will help to buy crucial time and even, make the attacker temporarily blind for some time.

    non-toxic spray

    How to use?

    The Women’s pepper spray has proved to be very effecting every time. In many cases, it helps to disable the attacker or sometimes, even dangerous animals. Hence, this spray will help to distract the assailant and help you buy some time. In the smirk of the moment, you can escape the grievous situations. Hence, the spray is considered to be very effective for people of all age group. It works wonders, even for men. The personal defender will help you to defend yourself instantly and you can successfully keep a safe distance from the attacker. The good thing with the pepper spray is that, it is easy to operate and simple to carry furtively.

    When a person sprays the pepper spray on the face of assailant, the acute smell will cause coughing, sneezing, irritation and burning in nose. The non-toxic spray will create a burning sensation in the throat, since the ingredients of the spray are inflammatory in nature.But, the person who is using the spray, must remember to use the spray at least from three meters away. If in any chance, you are exposed to this spray, make sure to rinse your face with lot of cold water. It is highly recommended, to avoid the usage of spray for tricking friends and family. You would not want to risk your loved ones in temporary blindness and acute burning which is caused by the pepper spray.