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    One of the best alternative investment nowadays is investing in shipping containers. It is pretty obvious that it is a good investment because of its steady demand that lasts all year round because of its essentiality to transport goods and products overseas with convenience and efficiency and if you are planning to venture into this type of alternative investment, you should be familiar first of the types of containers that you are planning to buy.

    In this article provided by Davenport Laroche, a company that specializes in alternative investments that are based in Kwun Tong district of Hong Kong. One of its specialty investment is shipping containers, we will discuss some important matters about this type of investment particularly the details that you should learn when buying your own shipping containers.

    In this article, we will teach you the questions that you should proactively ask your preferred supplier of your shipping container before you decide to purchase one to kickstart your business.

    shipping containers

    We all know that shipping containers are the perfect equipment for storage space ideal for transporting large amount of goods and products to other countries safe and soundly. Before you buy one, you should consider several things that you should keep in mind especially the differences between a used and a brand new shipping container to save you money and of course to determine its longevity and durability.

    On the business side, shipping containers are usually bought by its investors where they can use it for leasing and renting for transportation purposes that can be used for shipping globally. There are an estimate of ninety-percent of the world’s trade is transported through shipping containers that is why venturing into this kind of business holds a lot of promise.

    Not to make you wait longer, here are the questions you should ask to the supplier or manufacturer of your shipping container.

    FIRST QUESTION- Does your shipping container supplier customize its shipping containers for other purposes? This is important considering that there are different types of goods and products that are transported regularly by cargo ships and some of it are perishable that is why it needs a certain type of shipping container to keep fresh and maintain its quality once it arrives to its destination. Shipping containers can be customized depending on the supplier. Some of it can be reinforced depending on its storage while some are attached to refrigeration machines for perishable goods.

    SECOND QUESTION- What are the sizes of the shipping containers they make? It is also important to ask this question considering that there are different types of goods and products with different sizes are transported everyday and each of it needs a specific size of a shipping container to store it while being shipped. The usual sizes of a shipping container are 10-feet, 20-feet, and 40-feet in length.

    THIRD QUESTION- What is the shipping container made out of? When it comes to durability and longevity of your shipping container, you should ask the manufacturer about how its made and what is its made out of? Most shipping containers that are durable are made out of steel and reinforced with additional sheets of it to withstand harsh weather conditions in the sea and to keep the storage inside intact and undamaged during the transportation. Some containers are made from aluminum sheets for lighter storage as well.