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    Massage chair Review

    Massage chairs are ergonomically designed to assist in massaging body parts for better blood circulation. It is so nice to have a body massage in your own home at your convenience. It is consistent with the massage done in a spa. They remove tension, ache, pain, stiffness in few minutes. It is also used commonly for stress reduction and relaxation. They are especially beneficial for chronic back pains, arthritis. They can be used daily. They are extremely popular in Japan. There are a variety of options available in the market. One can decide on the best massage chair for money paid if you know what you value more. Comfort, cost, special features, portability are some of the characteristics to think of.

    Heated massage chair

    Some massage the whole body i.e. neck, shoulders, back, calves, feet while some massage only the upper part of the body like neck, shoulders, and arms. While most of the massage chairs have rollers that do the massaging, there are many others that have airbags that provide a soft massaging feeling. You can choose the speed and intensity levels and also select the massaging types like rolling, kneading etc. Choose the best massage chair for the money paid by asking what kind of massage you need and how much can you spend.

    There are coin-operated massage chair for commercial establishments to lure customers into spending more time. They are ideal for airports, railway stations.

    Some of the popular massage chairs are –

    Reclining massage chair – It is a recliner with a massage pad added. It is quite affordable.

    Zero gravity massage chair – It is a high-end model that stimulates the astronaut’s position when they are in space. It is great for complete body relaxation. It takes off stress on the spine, elevates feet and legs while massaging the body.

    Full body robotic massage chair – It is the very expensive. It gives complete body massage from head to toe.

    Ottoman massage chair- It is a budget massage chair. It is more comfortable for neck and back massage.

    Heated massage chair- It has a heating option along with the normal massage. It is beneficial for muscles and joints. It eases tension and soreness. Athletes, older people find this very useful.

    Overuse or improper use of massage chairs can cause slight side effects. People with heart problems, diabetes, chronic joint pains should consult a doctor for the right guidance.