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    How to Make Money in Runescape

    As in any online game, making money is an imperative part. Runescape is an online game which was created some time in 2008 or so. It is a multi-player game that consists of several quests and adventures. You can actually earn some cash while playing, too. To get skills and accomplish quests, you’ll need to sacrifice effort, time and money. However, there are strategies which you can use to gain profit by trading with those who want to buy runescape gold.

    gold in Runescape

    • Mining

    One of the primary and best ways to earn money in online gaming is through mining. By mining ore and coal, you can get up to almost 30k gold in Runescape. Runite mining can earn you a lot of cash once you reach a certain level. You have to note however, that runite is limited in the game and most are reserved for members only. If you are a non-member, you can only mine runites in the Wilderness which is north of the lava maze. If you complete the quest of rune mysteries, you can mine both rune and pure essence. Veteran players usually mine for more unusual pieces like adamant ore and mithril.

    • Fishing

    Another way to earn money in Runescape is through fishing. Here you’ll get to fish sharks, lobsters, swordfishes and the like. The best fishing locations are located near the banks. To make money through fishing, you can either sell the fish in its raw state or you can cook them first and sell them afterwards.

    • Smithing

    This form of skill is a lot like mining but you’ll need to reach a higher level if you want to make use of this. For non-members, smelting steel bars and selling them are the best methods to earn money. When you finally reach a level where you can smith runites, grab the chance right away as these items are always in demand. Members can even get extra bonus for smithing.

    Trading through the grand exchange can be pretty difficult but it is still manageable at times. The key here is to evaluate every item that you gain and sell them smartly. To gain more profit, invest in a large number of items which can later on trade again. You have to play smart and fast, too so you can reach higher levels and gain more skills. There are actually many players who wish to buy runescape gold so grab the chance and sell them your loot.