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    Four Points to Consider when Hiring a Moving Agency Oslo

    If you have a big move coming up, you are probably wondering if a flyttebyrå oslo is the best way to go. While DIY moving is an option, it is advisable that you hire a professional moving agency for cross country moves or when moving your entire family to a new home. Unfortunately, finding the right moving company is no walk in the park – and with tons of horror stories of moving agency disasters, it is easy to feel apprehensive about making this important decision. Here is a brief checklist that cans you find the right moving company for your next big move.

    1. Customer service: Do they really care about your property or are they just in it for the money?

    Customer service is key when getting into contract with any company, and moving agency is no exception. Remember, you are entrusting strangers with your most valuable possessions. Never compromise on service because of an attractive discount because you might end up with poor service or lose in the long run. Work with an agency that you can easily reach and discuss your needs with. A company that appears careless or less interested in responding to your queries will most likely pay very limited attention to your property.

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    1. Cost: Is the price competitive?

    While nothing precedes credibility and customer service when it comes to contracting a moving agency, price is the second most important factor to consider. A credible moving company will base its fees on weight and mileage. Watch out for hidden costs as these do add up to a huge bill at the end of the process. On the other hand, be cautious of agencies that offer very low deals that seem too good to be true. Most often, these agencies end up being scams or offer very poor quality.

    1. Size of truck: Van or semi?

    Moving agencies vary in size as well as their transportation vehicles. It is important that you work with one that fits the extent of your move. It is basically up to you to judge how complex or large your move is. While semi-trucks tend to be quite expensive to hire, they are also the safest and most reliable for long distance moves. Before making your choice, be sure to calculate the cost of each option as well as other factors that will affect the cost of your move – weight and distance.

    1. Licensing: Is the moving agency licensed?

    This is the last, but not the least, item in your checklist. A credible moving agency should be properly licensed and insured. Never overlook this. Moving agencies are required by law to have bodily insurance, cargo insurance as well as property damage insurance that covers the entire amount of your move. The staff handling your project should also be duly insured.

    Finding the right flyttebyrå oslo is no small feat and it is extremely important that you do your homework before settling for one. Many unassuming movers have lost their possessions by contracting scammy or unprofessional agencies. Moving is hectic enough, and the last thing you want is dealing with a moving agency that is anything less than perfect.