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    Why use a Meditation Cushion?

    A meditation cushion is a soft stuffed pillow which supports body and helps in comfortable seating through out the practice. There a lot of ailments this can be addressed by practicing meditation.  These days right from the age of 5, kids are introduced to meditation which helps them grow as wholistic individuals. Meditation is not just a few breathing exercises it’s about integrating our self with the higher spirit.

    Meditation cushions are great instruments in eliminating the pain associated with prolonged seating, these days most of us are habituated to sit in front of television without any sense of the posture of our bodies.  This creates obstacles for the energy to flow through chakras.  In order to cleanse the chakras, it’s important to align chakras.  A meditation pillow aids in posture which aligns chakras and cleanses them while meditating.

    Portability of meditation cushions

    Portability of meditation cushions is a great advantage, a nice sunny morning on a winter’s day calls for an outdoor meditation session facing the frozen sun, embracing the nature.  These cushions are easy to carry and easy to place.  Since they come in variety of sizes, shapes and materials, these weights really light making it easy to pack them in suitcases or backpacks while traveling.  I personally use these pillows while traveling by air, since these support neck and spine to a great extent.  The inflatable versions are great as they can fit in a pocket.

    Meditation cushions are a constant reminder for daily practice, the more I see them the more I remind myself of the day’s routine and how I benefit from the routine.  Every time I see these cushions, I feel very grateful for the practice I do and how it enlightens my life and builds me from within.  I strongly believe that things we use carry a specific vibration within them.  This holds true with meditation pillows, since we practice peace, they carry peace as a vibration and they instantly generate and transfer that same vibration to whoever uses it.

    Yoga has a lot of sequences which help balance, endure and strengthen body.  There is a necessity of using certain support for knees, back, elbows while practicing some asanas.  A meditation cushions doubles up as a prop which supports in asanas and while balancing body.  This helps in focusing on breathings, instead of worrying about balancing.


    Meditation is a great way of reliving physical, emotional and mental pains and integrating with our higher self.  Any instrument which helps us connect with divine is unbelievably awesome.  Meditation cushions take this feeling to the next level.