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    The beginning of Hamed Wardak

    Hamed Wardak is the son of former Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak. He was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. He spent his formative years in Pakistan and the United States. He attended Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. This was from 1993 to 1997. He was then named valedictorian of the graduating class. He graduated with a BA in Government and Political Theory.

    The United States of America names 32 college kids as Rhodes Scholars every year. These scholars have proficient accomplishments. Hamed Wardak earned this honor in 1997. Hamed traveled back to his original birthplace of Afghanistan. He appropriated provisions during the civil war. As well as medical equipment.

    Hamed Wardak’s business life

    He had solid educational experience and outstanding college performance in the United States. He then returned to his native land of Afghanistan to help his fellowmen. Especially those that were in need during the Afghan Civil War. He worked in mergers and acquisitions during his quick return to the states. His early career was with Merril Lynch in New York and Palo Alto, California. One of his assignments was Avaya’s acquisition of VPNET. Another is the acquisition of Applied Epi by Veeco Instruments.

    Hamed worked for Technologists, Inc. for one calendar year. He was the Managing Director for International Operations from 2004 to 2005. Technologists, Inc. operated as a contractor for the United States Government. It engaged in the business development efforts. This is in conjunction with the United States Department of Defense. As well as the United States Agency for International Development or USAID. Technologists, Inc. generated $44 million in design under Hamed Wardak’s leadership.  He also built a lot of contracts to benefit Afghanistan.

    Humanitarian work

    He was also one of the original eight founders of CUSAP. This is the Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership. It continues to operate as a nonprofit entity. It leverages the contributions of both Afghan and American citizens. Wardak and the CUSAP team took several projects. These include building bridges and canals. The aim is to improve transportation and heighten security measures.

    CUSAP’s work in Afghanistan had several sources of funding. These include the USAID and the United Nations Children’s Fund. As well as the World Bank and the Provincial Reconstruction Team or PRT. One of CUSAP’s goal is to achieve a partnership between America and Afghanistan.

    Hamed Wardak is a man with a lot of talents. His accomplishments above are only a few of his many. People are in awe of his excellency.