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    Select Portfolio Services Inc.

     Select Portfolio Services, Inc. (SPS) is a loan and mortgage recovering company based in the Unites States of America. They specialize in single family residential mortgages and with a clear aim of preserving home ownership. SPS has a clear goal of providing customers with better services and hassle free payments for mortgage owners with minimum disruption in their daily lives. The company boasts of 25 years of experience in this field and is nationally recognized as one of the best in the business.

    SPS Account Payment Process

    If your prior servicer has been changed to Select Portfolio Services for future payments of your mortgage, do not worry a bit and trust the brilliant staff at SPS to facilitate your future payment process and to clear out any issues which come with the change in your loan servicer.

    SPS provide a vast array of options which you can use to pay your monthly loan recovery amount. Customers can use either of them to make sure that are able to pay their dues on time. The types of SPS Account Payable Process are:


    • Automatic Payments- The best way to pay your mortgage amount literally. The free automatic payments process at SPS will make sure that the amount to be paid by you will be deducted from your savings or current ban account each month. You can also choose the date on which you want the amount to be deducted.
    • Online Payments- You can also choose to pay online, which is convenient and time saving compared to other manual options. Using Credit and debit cards are not allowed and the payment will be deducted from your bank account. A service fees up to $15 can be charged for this process.
    • Via Phone- Payments can also be made using phone by calling at the number (800)258-8602. You can either choose their automated service or can speak to a SPS representative. Before calling, make sure you have your account number and routing information ready. Service fees up to $15 could be charged when using this payment option.
    • By Mail- Customers can also mail their checks and money orders to the company for payment. Make sure you have specified your SPS account number and property address correctly before mailing. You can mail your payment on the address below:

                  Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc.

                  P.O Box 65450

    Salt Lake City, UT 84165-0450

    • Western Union- Payments can be made using western union also. Use the code below to pay via western union

    City- OSWALD

    State- UT

    These are the SPS Account Payable Processes you can use to make your mortgage payments in SPS in time. Make sure you pay your dues to have a good credit rating and better chances to apply for a loan later in your life.