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    Why you should hire a certified translation service for your divorce certificate translation? Find out here

    Are you divorced and wanted to start a new life in the United States, but you do not know how to do it? Well, you may need to hire a divorce certificate translation services. If you are planning to emigrate to another country particularly in the United States, and your native tongue is not English, then you are surely required to hire certified translation services.

    Hiring certified translation services is a requirement for all migration applicants as part of the process that is worked on by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS. Just like other documents, you are needed to have your divorce certification to be translated and certified by a licensed or reputable certified translation service or company.

    Aside from the divorce certification, you are also required to submit legal documents such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, and your driver’s license and other pieces of evidence of your separation of your husband or spouse.

    There are particular countries out there that might have another policy which requires your divorce certificate including the United States and all the legal documents related to it when you submit an application for migration at USCIS. In order to provide these documents, you are required to have them all translated.

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    In the United States, you are required to use a divorce certificate translation services in order for you to have a divorce translation done and certified and you also need a professional translator from a certified translation company to do the work for you.

    Which is why you need to hire a professional translator and also a legal consultant to review the translated documents and see if it has any errors and mistranslations in order for you to iron out all the things that are needed to be taken care of as you head to the United States.

    If you are planning to hire a professional translation service that can certify your translated documents, you should always remember these important considerations:

    • Experts in linguistics- The company should always have an expertise when it comes to translating word by word, translate the exact meaning of the sentences and the entire document from your mother tongue to English or any other target language.
    • Experienced in the field- The translators should be in the industry for long enough and has built the much-needed experience in working on different forms of the document that is needed to be translated.
    • Quick work- The translators should get the job done within the agreed period of time or even ahead of time.
    • Accuracy-Probably the most important consideration to look at when hiring professional translation services is their accuracy of translating the needed documents to be submitted to the USCIS.

    Lastly, you have to make sure that the translation service company fully accepts and guarantees their work considering that USCIS imposes certain policies and guidelines when it comes to translating the documents such as your divorce decree translation that a translation service company should follow strictly.