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    Global Threats of Deforestation

    In the past few decades, the very alarming increasing rate of deforestation around the world had put the international organization in mayhem. With an annual rate of deforestation of 13 percent, it is a no wonder why trees are scarce in some regions. Because of this fast rate, the terrible effects of deforestation had begun to make itself known to the world. These terrible effects had affected almost all of the countries worldwide.

    Experts had been educating the people about these global threats to help them be aware of the effects of deforestation and also to encourage them not to become a contributor to these global threats. Here are the global threats of deforestation.


    Soil Erosion

    Soil erosion is the movement of soil from one place to another. This is caused by the gravity of the earth, natural calamities such as rain storms, waves, earthquakes, the wind, tornados and so on, or even by humans and animals. Mountains and other high landforms contain land. The trees that are present in these landforms prevent any massive soil erosion by keeping them intake with their roots. But because of deforestation, cities on and below deforested mountains are turning into dangerous places since these places will be prone to landslides. Landslides can kill not only humans but also animals. Soil erosion also cast off the fertile soil used for planting crops.

    Greenhouse Gas Emissions

     A very threatening effect of deforestations is the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Trees are known to be able to convert carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to oxygen. Oxygen is used for breathing not only of humans but also animals. However, if trees are cut down, not only there will be no more oxygen conversion but also cut down trees will start to produce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, therefore making an even deadlier contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gases are known to result in climate change and global warming.

    Water Cycle Disruption

    Trees have a very indispensable role in the water cycle. They are responsible for the balancing of water in both land and atmosphere. But with deforestation, this will throw off an unbalanced water cycle causing problems in precipitations. This can either cause no rain or even strong rains. This also has an effect on the flow of rivers and other water entities.

    With these deforestation threats experienced worldwide, it is easy to say that the Earth is really in a very dangerous situation. Illegal deforestation must be stopped and reforestation must be implemented worldwide. Ordinary people can also help by avoiding and conserving wood products that can lessen the demand on wood. Basically, we should all help in saving our trees.