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    People often ask themselves “Where am I going to use this?” when they learn something new in school. If you’re dead-set on becoming a painter then why study trigonometry right? To tell you the truth thinking like that is dangerous just for the fact that no one can never tell what they’ll need to know for the future. This is especially true for geography. Learning about the Earth is not so much about merely learning about the facts but using them to protect the world. Knowledge is power when we know how to use it for the benefit of everyone.

    An Inconvenient Conversation

    It’s no secret that talks on global warming, air pollution, endangered animals, and more have risen. It seems like there’s a lot of bad news when it comes to our planet. The only way to reverse that is to do our part in conserving the resources on Earth. A lot of people don’t have the influence of world leaders but that still doesn’t mean they can’t be proactive in doing what they can. The first step is to always educate yourself with what’s going on currently. The world changes constantly and everyone has to be on top of the latest facts so they know what they’re dealing with. Do a quick search on the internet and there’s even an Earth quiz to test how much you know. There are a lot of resources within reach so anyone can be equipped to do their part.

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    Not So Fun Facts

    If you quickly research and stumble upon these websites such as Save Earth, you’ll quickly notice how many issues Earth is currently facing. On a positive note, you’ll also see how there are so many things people can do to stop it. One example is plastic pollution. If you didn’t know it takes plastic a long time to decompose. That means if you throw away a plastic item then it’s likely that after many years that same plastic will remain. This poses a significant threat to wildlife, especially in our oceans. The risk of entanglement and ingestion increases the more plastic ends up at sea. Not only is it a problem for animals but humans as well. Since plastic can’t decompose it couldn’t end up polluting our beautiful beaches and really spoil the natural scenery. However, like most things, there is something that can be done about it. Like instead of using plastic bags at the grocery why not bring a reusable canvas bag? Or why not reuse plastic items you have instead of throwing them away? With each problem, there are a variety of solutions. All that has to be done is to try a little harder in finding them.

    When you do your research, you won’t find it hard to see just how many worrying concerns our planet is facing. But, by doing the same research you will be able to empower yourself with the knowledge of how exactly to counter these effects. Learning about these facts is not just so people can become a storage of data but the end goal should always be to use what is learned for the benefit of the world.