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    Dota 2 is about real Kung-fu otherwise known as hard work and dedication. If one decides to invest time in playing this game, they shall be prepared for a realm i.ee. Leagues played online. He has to plan the action and strategic fluidity that can make the game thrilling and more anxious. It is a Multiplayer-Online-Battle Arena or Tower Defense game that is based on Dota 1. It’s about not making mistakes in game play mechanics so that you may win the game. It’s about working as a team and beating the other team. It is about true grit. All in all, dota 2 is basically the chess game of modern period.

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    The game is excellent for someone who takes things on his stride and it is something very disturbing and frustrating for someone who loses their temper on the spot. Players in this game are always and constantly criticized. The game consists of total 10 players and the teams are divided into 2. Each team consists of 5 players. The game is like fighting for a kingdom by facing the war. The lead of the team is called as a hero. The remaining players of the team must try to defend their hero. Therefore the remaining team mates of a team are called as defenses as their role and purpose in the game are to defend. And thus the game goes on. Whoever occupies more number of territories called as base as per the game, they are considered to be the winner of the game play.

    These games are so addicted that many online websites do play this game and hence they have gained huge popularity in the recent times. Dota 2 game can really be the one for those who take the comments and pointing outs on to their strides. It is all about the testing of an individual’s sportiveness. The ego of one can get hurt but then that’s how it is supposed to be provoking the element of temper and anger in a player. Like anything else, this also has certain advantages and disadvantages. The game is clearer than the league of legends.  If a player makes a mistake, the reason why they made the mistake is clear. Players who have a deeper understanding of these mechanics gain many edges over noobs. The cons of the game are MMR saturation is poor in Dota 2. It does Judging from high level streams, matchmaking skill disparities will increase if you are at the very top.

    Irrespective of the rules and regulations, playing is about getting encouraged and being sportive. Play the game when it gives you an opportunity. Do not play the game when the game is already playing you.