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    Dealing with the criminal justice system may be a very stressful and daunting experience. Michelle Johal, one of the best mississauga criminal defence lawyers, understands the stakes involved in every case she handles. She is well aware of the potential repercussions of a criminal accusation in a client’s life, including the possibility of imprisonment and establishing a lifelong criminal record.Michelle Johal is a well-known criminal defence attorney with a fifteen-year track record of accomplishment. She has appeared at every level of court in the province of Ontario. Before establishing her own business in 2011, she spent seven years working at a company with a well respected senior member of the criminal defence bar.

    Attorneys are committed to defending clients’ rights throughout their legal case, from the beginning to the conclusion. They believe in following through on commitments and acting in the best interests of customers and clients. They will be completely transparent about the potential consequences and what can be done to assist in achieving the most effective outcomes imaginable.

     Experienced and seasoned criminal defence lawyer

    Michelle Johal is well-versed in the workings of the court system and has experience assisting clients facing a range of criminal offences. Every case she takes on is approached to negotiate the best possible settlement with the prosecution or have charges dropped at trial and sentences reduced. She draws on her vast expertise in the criminal justice system. Ms Johal has successfully defended and represented hundreds of clients who have been charged with a wide range of criminal offences during her career.

    Regardless of their financial or socioeconomic circumstances, everyone has the right to get high-quality legal counsel from an experienced criminal defence attorney of their choice, irrespective of their economic or socioeconomic circumstances. If you are charged with any of the offences, you should take them seriously since they may have long-term consequences for your driving rights. Furthermore, being convicted and found guilty of a criminal driving offence may result in a rise in your insurance premiums, on top of the legal ramifications. Moreover, you may be subject to obligatory prison time as part of your sentence if you are convicted of certain crimes.


    Along with her work defending individuals facing criminal charges, Ms Johal is dedicated to legal education, serving as an Instructor at Osgoode Hall Law School’s Trial Advocacy course and as an Advisor at Ryerson University’s Law Practice Program.Her dedication to continuing legal education has resulted in her being invited to speak in front of a variety of audiences, including other lawyers and judges at the Law Society of Ontario, the Destination Continuing Professional Development programme, the Criminal Lawyers Association, the Ontario Bar Association, and the National Judicial Institute, among others.