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    Future Of Luxury Living At The Ryse Residences

    This is a development upcoming in PasirRis Central. It is a mature estate in a part of Singapore that has access to all luxuries, best known its recreational facilities, and laid-back ambiance. Under development by All Green and Kerry Properties, the condo will feature many residential units with its own shopping mall below. The building will feature 480 units spread across several blocks right above a 3-storey shopping mall, with a town plaza and polyclinic which will span across 380000 square feet. The unit sizes vary from 1 to 5 bedrooms to suit all families. The concept behind the Ryse Residences has won approval from the Housing & Development board.

    All Green is one of the biggest property developers in Singapore today. It is well known for its quality products and track record. Kerry Properties Ltd is a property development and investment company based in Hong Kong since 1978. It focuses on investing in elegant and good-quality development projects in suitable locations.

    A Guide To The Ryse Residencies

    Features provided

    • The condo will be only a short drive away from Changi Beach Park, Changi Business Park, Seletar Aerospace. It is also within easy access to MRT station and the bus interchange that can lead you easily to the airport, Central business district, and even Orchard Road.
    • The residents can enjoy amenities like an exquisite clubhouse, outdoor dining areas, a unique playground, vast greenery, beautiful landscaping, multiple barbeque sites, and a full-size swimming pool.
    • It is close to other malls such as White Sands Mall, Downtown East Mall, and Elias Mall. PasirRis Central Hawker Centre which provides the local cuisine and unique fusion dishes is also within a small distance, conveniently for food lovers.
    • It is also situated close to the PasirRis Beach Park which features a 6.8km long track for jogging and cycling that stretches across the beautiful shoreline. The park extends for about 70 hectares which enables families and friends to spend time together and also entertain kids.
    • The condo is also close to several elite schools.
    • Most units come with unblocked views.
    • Easy access to Marina Bay Financial Centre and CBD.
    • The locality of PasirRis is adored by nature lovers because it is situated on the East side. There are many sites for beachside picnics and nature walks.

    The successful sale price was set at $699,999,999.99 as of 2019 and the price per square foot was set at $684.48. The long list of facilities offered by the Ryse Residences and its location does more than justice to the price.


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    Give Your Face An Energetic Look With Fasciablaster

    It might so happen that your body might feel a little tired even after waking up from sleep the previous night. You might feel a little heavier on your face and the weariness might dominate you. These things might be the result of stress or pressure of work in your life. These things can affect our facial health and destroy them over time. But as always you have the solution with fasciablaster products for your face. To get the motivation for work again you can use these products for the entire body each of which is specifically designed to suit the needs.

    Products of the company

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    • You can get all the quality products for hair, face, skin, body and more.
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    • Get the makeup items for eyes, cheeks, lips and the entire face. The products come in unique quality that best suits your skin and prevents further damage from excessive heat and dust.
    • Get quality high standards fragrance perfumes to enrich you with a floral smell.

    Benefits of the products

    • Cellulite is nothing but the development of fats beneath your skin. The prolonged development of the same can be harmful but you can avoid it by using the products from the company.
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