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    Be the proud owner of your most favorite carpet

    Let us walk down the memory lane and understand this journey of online carpet shopping. You took so much pain to research about carpets, compared websites and chose ‘the’ right one for you. You have measured your room and calculated how much of carpet is needed for the room. You compared many carpets in different websites and selected the carpet, which you like the most. You made phone calls, signed contracts, made payments and bought your carpet online. Now, you are waiting for the carpet to be delivered on your doorstep without any defect or damage.

    Most online retailers would ask you to sign a disclosure. It makes you responsible for assessing and reporting any damage before accepting your product when it reaches you. It is not easy to open and inspect any defect, as soon as it reaches you. Carpets large or small are difficult to inspect for damages in such a small span of time. Therefore, it would be a good idea, to declare the product as “suspected damage- amount unknown” even if you did not find any defect in the carpet at all. In case of any hidden defects, which you might notice much later, the “suspected damage- amount unknown” in the disclosure will stand valid.

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    Some online carpet retailers have offices in places where all their carpets are delivered. In such a case, the retailer will send the carpet installer to install the carpet. If not, the customer will have to find an professional carpet installer to do the job. Carpets should be properly installed or it can develop wrinkles and wear out fast. And the whole effort of buying carpet from online store will go in vain.

    The warranty of the carpet is valid only if proper cleaning is done. IICRC certified carpet cleaners should clean the carpet every two years. Following these guidelines will help your carpet to last much longer.