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    Who is Bard Zackson? Detailed information about the person

    Brad Zackson, the director of firm development, took the test and error method. This is a noble way to check out his assets and faults. He says this is the best way to achieve an individual’s goal. He says that he won’t leave any business when he recognizes that the business suits him.

    He started his career as a rental apartment broker for four months. The apartment was in the Queen apartment building, which belonged to Mr. Fred Trump. On one day, the brokers are called for a meeting by the owner.

    The meeting was a life-changing moment in his career. In the meeting, Mr. Trump asked their workers to explain how they studied the properties. Everyone explained, and later, Bard Zackson explained the strength of the buildings to market them and make customers want to stay there. After listening to his explanation, Mr. Trump gave all the responsibility of the Queens apartment buildings to him to handle the brokerage. This is the initial turning point of this successful life.

    He later discovered his natural talent in the real estate business. He used some sales strategies to reach the top of the sales industry. He did not even complete his studies in college but became the owner of seven real estate companies. All his companies are under the Dynamic Group, Inc. umbrella. It has more than 50 staff.

    Now he has four projects under his own name, and the value of the projects is more than $100 million. An ordinary person born in Bellrose started his company in 1989 in the real estate market, with his knowledge being the inspiration of many people in this business. He is the person to be called when a building is in trouble to solve the issues in this real estate business.