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    American Fashion Throughout the Years

    Fashion can be seen throughout generations, and it continuously evolved as the years go by. Trends come and go in the world of fashion, but it doesn’t mean we should forget. We learn from history and innovate from the previous style to bring new advancements in fashion for the 21st century.

    In this post, we look at some of the fashion trends that swept the USA throughout the years. We look back at some of the greatest (and some not-so-great) styles that swept the nation.

    80-tals kläder

    American Fashion in the 1920’s

    It was a time when World War I just ended, and not only did it bring a sense of calm in the hearts and minds of many Americans, but it also paved the way for new fashion trends to take place. Many women during this time sported that “bobbed” style of haircut to make their hair fit under the iconic cloche, which is a snug and comfortable hat generally made out of felt. This style transitions to a flapper style dress. When the cloche and dress were worn together, it delivered a style of women’s fashion that showed innocence and purity. This women’s fashion trend would continue on until almost the end of the decade.

    The USA in the 1960’s

    America in the 1960’s is known as the age of counterculture, and it’s defined as the rise of certain movements that revolutionized particular norms that would later flow through the rest of the country. This decade introduced a new style of clothing to the public: unisex. The fashion trends of the USA during the 60’s stemmed from London as the Mod style quickly made its way to American soil. There was also the Hippie counterculture in which quickly spread throughout the East Coast, especially in Greenwich Village, New York.

    It’s All About Individualism in the Eighties

    During the early 1980’s, the fashion trends at the start of the decade were similar during the 1970’s wherein bold patterns among both genders with large sports jackets and chunky sweaters were still considered to be quite fashionable. Soon enough, women were sporting oversized, off-the-shoulder tops and skin-tight cotton leggings. There’s also the fashion trend wherein women wore miniskirts accompanied by leggings. It was also the decade of very bright colors as neon colors were the preferred shade for different clothing and apparel. To take a sneak peek at eighties fashion, check out 80-tals kläder.

    1990’s American Fashion: The Time of Anti-Style

    When the 80’s was all about individualism, the 90’s was all about being a rebel. Compared to the flashy getups of 1980’s fashion, this time the 1990’s dwelled in the minimalist approach. Adults sport relaxed jeans with plain T-shirts as it was the time of clothing with insanely large texts soon disappeared from store shelves. Fluorescent colors were soon replaced by softer shades of turquoise, lilac, coral, teal, and more.

    American fashion continues to evolve to this day, and who knows what style trends we’ll get popularized in the future. Only time will tell in that regard, but one thing’s for sure, people are quick to adapt.