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    Going Beyond the Air Pollution Definition

    Air pollution definition occurs when there is the presence or introduction of harmful gaseous, liquid, or solid substances into the air. It is caused by harmful man-made and natural substances being introduced into the Earth’s atmosphere. According to reports by the World Health Organization, mortality caused by Air pollution definition has reached millions already. Most of these cases are linked to indoor sources than outdoor sources.

    Experts have identified sources ofair pollution. These include mobile sources, stationary sources, and area sources. Mobile sources include cars, planes, trucks, and other modes of transportation. Stationary sources include powers plants, and other industrial facilities and factories. Meanwhile, area sources include agricultural areas and wood burning fireplaces.

    Air pollution definition

    Outdoor Air Pollution

    Air pollution impacts the natural world in outdoor and indoor forms. Outdoor air pollution is a huge environmental and health issue that affects the population of countries of the world – whether developed or developing. The World Health Organization (WHO) in 2012 estimated that outdoor air pollution caused three million premature deaths every year. Deaths are caused primarily by small airborne particles 10 microns or less in diameter.

    Indoor Air Pollution

    Indoor air pollution, on the other hand, has smoke as the most potent source, posing major health risk for around three billion people. Smoke warm their dwellings with carbon – based fuels and coal. In 2012, domestic air pollution accounts for the 4.3 million premature of individuals through exposure to domestic sources. Indoor air pollution haunts countries with the low to middle income.

    Man-made Causes of Air Pollution

    Causes of air pollution can be both natural and man – made. Fixed sources such as power plants, traditional biomass burning, mobile sources of air pollution such as automotive vehicles, controlled burn practices in agriculture and forest management, waste deposited in landfills resulting to methane generation, military weaponry such as nuclear gases, and fumes from paints and other household substances constitute the man – made causes of air pollution.

    Natural Causes of Air Pollution

    Aside from the man – made causes of air pollution, nature also contributes to the alarming state of air pollution. Dust from natural sources, methane emitted by animals during digestion, radon gas from radioactive decay, smoke and carbon monoxide from wildfires, volatile organic compounds released by vegetation, and gases and ash particulates during volcanic activity make up the natural causes of air pollution.

    What used to be considered as a typical and manageable environmental and health issue has morphed into something that can potentially destroy lives. There really Is a need for the nations of the world to work as one in combatting air pollution. An effort less than the concerted effort of all the countries in the world would not be able to solve this problem. Everyone has to be part of this cause.